Beaches and Backwaters of India -T4trend

Beaches of Goa or Beaches of Orissa, Beaches of Tamil Nadu or Beaches of Kerala, Beaches of Andaman or Beaches of Lakshadweep. When it comes to choices on selecting a beach holiday in India, the options are unlimited. More than 7500 km long Indian coastline provides hundreds of options for the beach lovers. Leave all … Read more

Wildlife Sanctuaries of India – T4Trend

The Indian forests team with wildlife of a varied species. Most forests are protected national parks, providing sanctuaries to several special or endangered species of animals and in some cases to migratory birds. All across the country are wildlife sanctuaries whose area extend over several thousand of square kilometres, where wildlife can be observed in … Read more

Explore The Beauty Of Uttaranchal Travel Guide – T4Trend

“UTTARANCHAL – A PARADISE FOR TOURISTS Lying in the north of the vast and beautiful expanse of India, cradled in the awesome beauty and calm serenity of the Stately Himalayas, Uttaranchal, the Devbhumi (Land of Gods) has attracted toursists and pilgrims from world over since time immemorial. Sacred pilgrimages of different religions including Haridwar and the world famous … Read more

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India Tour Travel Guide Heritage India

“If somebody asks me where the human mind has developed the most, I would surely point towards India…” remarked Max Muller when once inquired as to which race he considered the most progressive of all. True! When the buds of civilization were still sprouting in so many contemporary countries, India was at its brim of cultural … Read more