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People often have all sorts of questions about their workouts. They want to know if they’re doing things right, they want to know how to get more out of their training, they come across problems and issues that discourage them and sometimes they just want a bit of motivation. Hopefully I can answer some of these questions and provide that little boost that you sometimes need to keep going at something, especially when you don’t see results as fast as you would like.

Have You Experienced The Workout Plateau Effect?

What many people prefer to do is find a good workout routine that works for them, and they stick to it day-in, day-out. However, this can soon get stale and boring.

I’m already hinting at the solution to what is known as the workout plateau effect. This is when you reach some sort of plateau in your workouts – either you are no longer losing weight, your body fat percentage remains the same, or you see no more physical changes to your body. It depends what you are aiming to achieve from your workouts. In fact, sometimes you’ll start to gain weight, although this may be due to new muscle growth.

Diet is also an important factor. No matter what your diet, it is always possible to reach a plateau if you don’t plan carefully ahead. The workout plateau effect is not something to be worried about. I would say that it is important to track your results. I see so many people who don’t do this, it astounds me. How do you know if you’ve made any progress if you aren’t tracking from day one? Ever since I started exercising, I’ve kept a journal of what I do each day, what I eat, my weight, my body fat percentage and some length measurements of muscle groups. I don’t exactly look at my past results every day, but they come in very handy to see if I’m hitting a plateau and need to change things up a bit.

Mix Up Your Workout Routine + Eating Habits

Indeed, the solution to combat the workout plateau effect is pretty straightforward: you need to vary what types of workouts you do. If your routine is what ensures you exercise each day for 30 minutes, then by all means stick to that. But perhaps you can start adding to it in certain ways. If you work out for 30 minutes, add an extra 15 somewhere, even at a different time of day if necessary.

If you start to find the exercises easy, then perhaps you need to step it up a gear. Move on to higher intensity workouts that perhaps push you that bit harder. It is always important to challenge yourself in order to move forward.

As far as eating habits goes, I recommend switching from 3 meals a day to several smaller meals. More frequent meals will have a profound effect on your metabolism, and you should see results immediately. Make sure you take in more protein than carbohydrates, and watch those calories.

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