betelgeuse star supernova from earth

We have discovered lots of mysterious things about our universe but there is still an unlimited event that is unknown to us. like Betelgeuse: supernova star. Every kind of matter destroyer or creator found in space. This matter is in existence to balance the physics of the universe. There are many events in the universe that have the capacity to destroy our milky way galaxy within a few seconds. In fact, these events are not only destroyers but also creators. Our galaxy and planetary system are also supposed to be made up of such a giant event. Today we are going to discuss events which are worse than hell and we never want to face these hell objects and events.

Betelgeuse Star
Betelgeuse Star
Betelgeuse: Supernova star is a red giant star. There is a hidden very dangerous thing in the Orion belt planetary system which is called Betelgeuse star. The Betelgeuse Star is the giant star of the Orion belt planetary system. It is on the stage of a supernova. Supernova is the stage of the star when its fuel consumed completely, it starts to lose its control gravity in the center. It explodes and the event is called a supernova. It was observed and found that it will die soon passing the stage of a supernova. It is very massive if we compare it with the sun, It will expand up to Mars if it replaces the sun. All-star do not give birth to a supernova but a huge star like Betelgeuse becomes supernova at the end of it. Supernova has the capacity to destroy a galaxy within a second.

According to scientists it will die and become a supernova in the upcoming century. If it will explode it will release energy in huge quantity. If we compare it with the energy of the sun It will be equal to the energy released by the sun in the past 10 billion years, however, it will not affect us as it is very far i.e, 620 light-years.

Can you imagine what will happen if such incidents occur around us?? Definitely, it will destroy our existence in a second. It may be very dangerous to us even if such incidents occur 30light years away from us. It is found that when such a star release energy at the time of supernova its speed may be around the speed of light.

We are safe, it will not affect us because Betelgeuse Star is 620 light-years away from us, its energy will disappear when it reaches to us. It is very away from us however it can be observed from the earth. There is no star like Betelgeuse around us and from the study, it was found no star will be a supernova in the upcoming million years.

The satellite of NASA observed a massive explosion in the neighboring galaxy in June 2013. It was a symbol of a mass explosion in the galaxy. Later, it was found that it was the explosion of the collision of two neutron stars. When such star collides with each other they release energy in huge quantity. They don’t release only energy but also give birth to the zombie which can destroy celestial bodies easily this zombie of space is known as stranglers. Stranglers is called so because it is made of strange material. We have not discovered or found the matter that exists in stranglers. Normally, Our world knows about the particles like electron proton and neutron which is made up of quark. Quark is also of six types but up and down quark is supposed as principal. But the strangler neither consists of the electron, proton or neutron nor any quark.

We will later discuss stranglers in detail.

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